Chess With Friends

Play chess and video chat with your friends at the same time, no login required. Just pick a room name and share it with your friend. All rooms are public, so be sure to pick one that is hard to guess. I made this so our kids could play with their friends, but it should work for anybody. Enjoy!

Works best in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on PC or Mac. Other browsers and mobile devices will not work, since they do not support in-browser video chat.

Join room Type a room name first!

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To Use Video Chat
  • Allow Microphone and Video if prompted
  • Tell your friend to go to this page
  • Talk to them!
  • Click "Add Password" in video chat to keep others from joining
To Use Chess
  • Tell your friend to go to this page.
  • Play chess!
  • If one player refreshes browser, the other players' game will update them.
  • If all players close their browser, the game will be restarted.
  • Click 'Reset Board' to reset all players' game.